The International English language testing system is one of the basic tests to check your ability in English proficiency. IELTS is accepted by many countries, organizations, institutes professional associations, employers. This test is basically for the students who are willing to study abroad at various destinations such as USA, UK, Canada, NZ and Australia.The IELTS test has two categories:
Academic & General.

Academic – The Academic test is for those people who are trying to secure an entry into international school or college to secure admission in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate educational programs.

General – The General Training Test is for those people who wish to join various kinds of vocational training courses, work visa or permanent residency purpose.

Key Features

The IELTS test has four modules: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking consuming 2 hours and 45 minutes in total.

The Speaking test will be conducted on a different day while other three modules on the same day.

Listening (30 minutes)
You will listen to four recording of Native English Speakers and then write your answers to a series of 40 different questions.
Reading (60 minutes)
The Reading component consists of 40 questions in three various passages, designed to test wide range of reading skills of the student.
Writing (60 minutes)
Writing Module consist of Task 1 & Task 2 in which task 1 will ask you to analyse, explain and compare the given data to evaluate the writing skills of the student. However, the task 2 will check the efficiency of the student in writing an essay on a specific general topic.
Speaking (11-14 minutes)
The speaking test will assess your communication skills in English. Each test will be recorded for quality evaluation process. Part – 1 The examiner will ask you few introduction and general questions. Part – 2 A cue-card will be given to check the fluency and consistency in English. Part – 3 Further questions will be asked related to cue-card.

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